Paul Davis Promises 30-Minute Response

If you’re a homeowner whose property has been devastated by a flood, a fire or a tornado, the immediate aftermath is exceedingly difficult. Your home, your security and your sense of safety are in tatters. You’re shocked and sad. Many people feel physical distress: shaking, hyperventilation, nausea, dizziness. You’re not… Read more »

Kitchen Grease Fires May Severely Affect Appliances

Sparked by unattended stovetop pans or forgotten items in toaster ovens, kitchen grease fires are extremely dangerous. Fueled by exquisitely flammable substances, they flare in an instant, spread rapidly, burn hotter and can’t be extinguished with water-based substances. Smart homeowners have appropriate fire extinguishers at the ready to combat these… Read more »

Skiing for a Good Cause: Paul Davis Employees Volunteer

In February, a large group of skiers and snowboard enthusiasts – Paul Davis employees among them – gathered at the Whitetail Resort in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, to support a worthy cause. They descended 100,000 vertical feet in a single day, completing 107 runs to raise money and awareness for the Two… Read more »

Paul Davis Grows to Meet Increasing Restoration Demand

The world’s costliest disaster last year, the apocalyptic California wildfires, devastated homes, businesses, towns and lives across the state. Paul Davis employees like Kyle Waters arrived as soon as areas were declared safe, summoned by many, many phone calls for help. “All day long,” he says. “The phone literally didn’t… Read more »

How Paul Davis Removes Those Lingering Smoke Odors After a Fire

Smell is more closely tied to memory than any other sense and that’s because of the way we’re built. Your nose’s olfactory bulb considers scents and feeds information about them directly to two parts of the brain – the amygdala and hippocampus – that are linked to emotion and memory.… Read more »

Is Mold Testing a Smart Idea for Commercial Property Owners?

Nearly every single test for mold discovers mold spores. Why? Because these fungi are earth’s most important recyclers and wherever they find adequate moisture, they happily – and usually harmlessly – munch leftovers in natural and indoor environments. Unless your property is a specially built and scrupulously maintained clean room,… Read more »