Restoring One of a Kind Artwork Takes Calmness and Great Care

“If your house was burning, what would you grab as you escaped?” An inquisitive photographer and filmmaker named Foster Huntington asked this question in his Tumblr feed turned book The Burning House. Nearly 5,000 people answered. Some chose practical items: car keys, deeds and insurance policies. Others wouldn’t pick up… Read more »

Active Claim Management – A Benefit that Paul Davis Delivers

Technology is radically transforming businesses everywhere and it’s no surprise that insurance companies are in the thick of this radical evolution. One of the most affective uses they have found for technology is to centralize and standardize the management and oversight of the claims process. Paul Davis is innovating right… Read more »

Paul Davis Excels at Restoring Properties Affected by Severe Flooding

Swollen by a storm, a creek surges beyond its banks, devastating a business, ruining inventory, chasing employees, flooding office space and more. A home’s water heater bursts and, in just hours, soaks flooring, carpeting, wallboard, appliances, everything below knee level. The deluge is stemmed only after a neighbor sees a… Read more »

Ever Green: Our Paul Davis Commitment to Sustainability

Reduce cost, minimize waste, save energy, use fewer resources, prioritize earth-friendly and human safe products – these guiding principles underpin our company-wide commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility called Paul Davis – Ever. Green. The program represents the company’s past history, present commitment and future aspiration to always perform restorative… Read more »

Updating ADA Compliance After Damage Restoration

Major disasters disproportionately affect people with disabilities. For the 61 million Americans with disabilities, escaping the disaster itself is only the first challenge. Communication breakdowns with caregivers, disrupted healthcare, interrupted supplies and services, transportation delays – these inevitably follow. As an industry leader, Paul Davis is committed to countering post-disaster… Read more »